Hi, I’m Tara Lee

Tara Lee Ayotte is an Intuitive Life Coach and Sound Healer who assists enlightenment seekers in healing the body, awakening the soul, and transforming reality through the power of love and crystal sound vibration.

She discovered at a young age, that her intuitive insights created an atmosphere for people to open to the realm of their greatest self-mastery and healing potential. Through her divinely timed heart wisdom, you are able to access advanced states of consciousness through High Angelic Realms, Ancient Egyptian Alchemy and Shamanism to awaken the body and soul in the most profound of ways.

TaraLee brings forth a deep and powerful connection to the earth and angelic realms to offer seekers the opportunity to explore and awaken deeper along their own unique soul journey. Within her Alchemy Crystal Sound Activations, Solfeggio Frequencies and Harmonic DNA Light Code Activations, Tara Lee’s channelled ancient wisdom and angelic voice, carry you into a deep awakening and surrender to a state of harmony and inner peace.

Looking for real change in your life?
Rediscover your passion with Tara Lee!

Explore her Transformational Coaching Programs, Live Classes, Intuitive Readings and Experiential Travel Retreats, where you can connect to new earth frequencies at world famous Vortex sites, tap into ZeroPoint Energy on soaring mountain peaks and share the deep wisdom and gifts that manifest as a result of tapping into your own unique higher conscious knowing to live an amazing life!