Tara Lee Ayotte is a leading Intuitive Coach and Speaker who empowers heart centred enlightenment seekers through high vibe awakenings to gain greater insights in achieving authentic success and inner peace.

Having trained with some of the top thought leaders, healers and coaches in the motivation, health and healing world, Tara Lee was inspired to create Sacred Earth Adventures, where she teaches and shares her intuitive heart wisdom by creating an atmosphere of deep compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love for you to step into your greatest self mastery and healing potential.

Through her dynamic live events, personal coaching programs and experiential travel retreats, Tara Lee brings forth an opportunity for you to lift the veil and explore the connection to your authentic self while awakening your highest level of self mastery with harmonic soul code activations, channeled messages and high vibe community.

Looking for real change?
Don’t leave your personal development to random chance, this is your year to awaken greater meaning and purpose in your life!

You can hope to grow, or you can take action!

Explore Tara Lee’s Transformational Coaching Programs, Live Classes, Intuitive Readings and Experiential Travel Retreats, where you can connect to your authentic being at world renowned vortex sites, reach higher states of consciousness on soaring mountain peaks and embody the deep wisdom of the earth that manifests as a result of tapping into your higher conscious self with grace and joy and ease!