Modern Day Slavery and the Global Elite. Are We Really Free?

Many of us go through life rarely taking the time to dream and create our own goals and desires. We believe that by getting a job, working hard and making money we can finally be free. Yet this is only holding us in a deeper state of illusion or of modern day slavery if you will. Many of you may not like hearing this, but the fact of the matter is its true. Our entire lives from our banking system and credit cards that keep us in debt to the government systems that run our countries who claim to have our best interests at heart yet trade our freedom and safety every day just to make money are only but a few of the ways we have been enslaved into this society. But the good news is we don’t have to continue living this way. We can reclaim and create a life of our own choosing. One in which we thrive and live freely to do what makes our hearts sing, to contribute to the growth of our global economy and to enable a system where we all thrive and work together. I know this sounds like words out of a story, but in reality this is our story, our human story and its time to change the way we are thinking.

So what if there was more to life than the auto programming we experience at this moment. What if we could choose something different and allow a new state of awareness to show up and create a totally new experience, not only for us but also for the entire world around us? What if we didn’t have to follow like sheep and instead activate our own knowing to unleash the creativity within and to have the power and confidence to share ideas to support a better outcome on this planet? We all know this power exists, we hear of mothers who lift full size cars off their babies to save their life, people who completely heal themselves of stage 4 cancers and live to tell the world their stories, yet our society has us believing that those are miracles, freaks of nature, or something that doesn’t normally exist. The global elite does not want us to know about this for if we learn of our true power and potential within then they no longer hold any power over our lives and can no longer control our destiny. When in reality this was never theirs to control in the first place.

Most people are unaware of this side of things and simply go through life each day believing that they are too insignificant to make any change. We are always waiting and expecting the worst to happen. This spirals into deeper thoughts and ideas that there is not enough that we live in lack and scarcity. This is what the global elite want us to believe, they aim to create this illusion of scarcity in order to fuel our global economic system of supply and demand, all in way to continue to hold power and wealth over the worlds population. You see the starving kids in Africa is not a mistake, those suffering in South America is not by accident. There is more than enough food and money around the world to feed every starving child, but the global elite does not want to do that. They set it up to have us create a point of view that we better get what we can before its all gone. These thoughts and ideas imbed in us by watching what’s going on in the world around us and so we make the choice to believe in what they are portraying.

Do you really believe that this elite society ever worries about food, medical care, housing or paying bills? What if fear, lack and scarcity don’t actually exist and that rather it was something man made to control our patterns of thinking and enslave our race? We live in a universe of abundance and this idea of global scarcity is only created by our overconsumption due to fear about not having enough. What if we all knew we had more paper, oil or whatever material item you can think of. Would we still over consume? Most likely, we would be more open to share, to give things away and to offer it to others because we knew that there was more than enough to go around. So what is holding us back from achieving this? It’s simply our way of thinking and connection to the vast number of global influences that have led us to believe this to be true.

The sheer level of human potential is mind boggling but what’s more profound is our lack in knowing how truly powerful we are. The ideas and concepts I share with my clients are to bridge the gap and open a doorway to this potential and to live a truly authentic life. By eliminating energy blocks and conscious weakness within the system one can move towards a stronger core knowing and expand in awareness to be the creator of their own life and destiny.