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Book a Body Process session with Tara Lee today to address and bring clarity to areas concerning Relationship, Health, Career and beyond.

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Redefine your healing with a Body Process session to address and bring clarity to areas concerning Relationship, Health, Career and beyond. Each 45 Minute session is like a deep soul massage, where Tara Lee will tap into energetic blocks along with karmic patterns and cycles that create resistance and disharmony in the body. Tara Lee works to harmonize the body and Chakra system so that you can align with more inner peace, freedom and joy in your body and life. Each session can be offered in person or over phone/Skype and includes a harmonic Light Code Activation with Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

Each session has timely questions answered for the benefit of your greatest and highest self-mastery.

I am still unable to articulate the powerful ability of Tara Lee and the impact her voice and bowls had on me. It was other worldly; in a truly angelic sense. The session was beyond anything I expected, Tara Lee was instantly able to sense where I have been struggling and empower me with the messages I need to hear to move forward. I will be sharing this experience for a long time, so much gratitude Tara Lee for sharing this gift and for being genuinely you. The fire has been reignited within.


Tara Lee this session will be an experience that will stay with me forever. I feel both enlightened & energized, totally believing that my dreams can come true. Thank you Tara Lee, you are amazing!

Brandie Y.


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