Jeffery Solution Quartz

This unusual Quartz was discovered in the 1970's by a miner in Arkansas. Born in water or “solution”, these crystals are amazing, in having many double terminated ends and forming a deeply complex matrix! If one looks closely at this quartz, it is readily apparent that there are multiple terminations and many “stops and starts” if you will in the life of this quartz.  It helps guide us through the various “stops and starts” in our own lives.  This quartz is very high vibe due to it’s formation.  If one connects with Jeffery Solution Quartz, it can become a stone of elevation into other dimensions, if asked nicely!  It takes a keen eye to appreciate the energy of these unique crystals. So, ground yourself, relax and take a few deep breaths, and let go into the unknow with this unique experience of Jeffry Solution Quartz.

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