The Fall Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox marks a transition and reminder of how the cycles of life are always in motion and calling us to further evolve into new aspects and ways of being. This natural rhythm carries us into peaks and valleys and dances between the darkness and the light outwardly and within.

The Fall season is a time of harvest, celebration, gratitude and of course pumpkin spice! It is calling us to let go like the leaves on the trees and enter the inward journey of rediscovering balance with grace and ease.

All the hard work has been done and now it’s time to celebrate by acknowledging abundance as our natural state of being. Through these celebrations of the seasons we can come to realize the power in our own human potential and harvest the light within us, which in turn brings us greater awareness to our own unique soul calling.

Nature knows these cycles and rhythms well and understands the value in letting go in order to grow and evolve with more fertile soil. They are masters at transition and have a deep-rooted connection with the earth and each other. The natural world harnesses this energy and flows with abundant resiliency because it knows a greater vision.

The introspection into this natural world can offer us greater wisdom and balance in the way of mental, physical, emotional, psychic and psychological along with health, wealth and relationships.

The Equinox brings forth this moment of stillness in time, where there is balance between the dark and light before entering the inward journey of the winter months. This is a time of awakening the rhythms of our own cycles to harness the divine power and wisdom within and to set the stage for the coming months by cultivating the light within our own being.

Today is a day to take the time to honour your path and journey for whatever it has been, and to spend time in the stillness of this great recalibration. Today sets forth your greater vision of where you see yourself being in the coming months and into the year ahead in 2020. This season is all about cultivating deep gratitude and celebration/learning from these past seasons so that you can plan a bountiful year ahead that leads to the manifestation of that which you dream. For it is always within your reach to achieve anything the mind can conceive, but it requires solid dedication and great vision to bring it forward to manifest in your daily life.